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Born and raised in Brussels, Félixe moved to Paris to pursue a career as an actress. She studied theater at the Eva Saint Paul Drama School then attended several acting workshops with coach Jordan Beswick. On stage, she has performed at the renowned Festival d'Avignon and in various other theaters in Paris. Discovering a strong interest in storytelling and direction, Félixe decided to attend the EICAR International Film School. Alongside Georgia Azoulay, she created the French company 'Hiver 87' which has produced several projects the latest of which, 'La Dalle' and 'Ictus' officially selected for the Côté Court Festival in the Art video category. In 2018, Félixe decided to plant her roots in Los Angeles, CA. She then trained for improv at Upright Comedy Citizens (UCB) and did a few Motion Capture workshops at Mocap Vaults. She is currently working at Voxx studios as a freelance voice-over artist.

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